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I'm excited to announce that some of my work with Randall Hobbet has been featured in a special mini issue of Model Society Magazine! 

You can preview and purchase a copy here:… .

Please have look, and consider purchasing an issue to support Model Society & our art. You can also help me get the word out by SHARING this to your various social media pages. Huge thanks to Randall Hobbet and David Bollt for making this happen. I've been a member and fan of Model Society for quite some time, and it's such a huge honor be featured in the magazine.

Melissa-ann-randall-hobbet-800 by melannc

Sorry I haven't been around much, I've been focusing on dog rescue and fostering dogs. Miss you guys!  :-)


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I’m excited to announce that Randall Hobbet has just released his very first book featuring a beautiful collection of images that the two of us have created together.

Randall is one of my favorite photographers, and has also become a very dear friend to me over the past few years. His unique eye for beauty continues to inspire me, and I’m so grateful for each opportunity I’ve had to create art with him.

If you’re interested in previewing the book, or purchasing a copy, it can be found here:…

I have my own copy in hand, and I can tell you that it’s very high quality, and the images are gorgeous! Buying books is a great way to support your favorite artists, so for those of you who can afford it, I encourage you to purchase a copy. You won’t be sorry!

Individual prints can also be purchased by contacting Randall directly via his page here:

Melissaannnudemusebookcover By Rdhobbet-d9yfhin by melannc
I seriously love you guys. This includes some of the digital painters too.

Every time I get a message from one of you with a link to a piece you've created that was inspired by one of my images, it really makes my day/week/month. I go back and look at your artwork, and feel so honored that you guys took the time to make something truly unique, and share it with me. I hope to post most of your artwork on my Tumblr at some point, I just have to space it out between regular photos so I don't run out of your lovely work too soon. 

I'm so grateful to all of you, I can't thank you enough.

I've never had personal prints made of my images, but please let me know if any of you are interested in signed prints (limited to artists who have made works inspired by my gallery images, this includes poetry). I'm going to try and get some prints made soon so I have something to give you all as a token of my appreciation for your hard work and talent.

Special thanks to a few of the recent artists who have made multiple works based on my images, and have also been very supportive of my work:

Please go and check out their galleries!

 Heart   Heart   Heart 

***Edit:  If anyone else chooses to use any of my photos for their art, I would love it if you DID NOT use any of these 3 images since 95% of all the works I've seen have been based on these:

MS7mm by melannc     

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Cloud9 by melannc

Mature Content

Calm by melannc

Would be so nice to see something new and different.  :)

Thank you to everyone who has given me llama badges, and I'm sorry that I haven't individually thanked everyone.  The truth is that I don't really keep track of the llamas because I don't understand what they're for.  It looks like you're supposed to be able to trade them for points or something? I'm not sure what can be done with the llamas or the points.  Can anyone explain this to me?  I feel rather silly for not knowing after all this time.
who gifted me with a Premium Membership-


Gestures like this mean the world.  


~ Melissa Ann
To anyone I was friends with on my old profile, I apologize, but it was disconnected by the FB admins.  

My new FB link is here:…

Please feel free to send a friend request. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee I'll accept unless I know you pretty well on here. I've had some major issues with people on FB, and have been forced to screen people a lot more closely.  If I don't know you, please send me a short note introducing yourself along with the request, and that will increase the probability that I'll accept.  

Thanks to all of you who follow me here, I still really appreciate the support!  :-)

Just letting everyone know that I'm officially semi-retired from modeling at this point. That means that I'm not actively networking or trying to book work with new photographers. I'll still occasionally shoot with people I've worked with in the past who have produced amazing images, but I won't be booking any new shoots unless the offer is *extremely* lucrative. Not interested in any trade work at this point. Modeling has been an amazing experience, but it's time for me to move on to other things that will hopefully be equally as amazing.  

Thanks to all the talented photographers and artists who have been kind enough to include me in their vision, befriend me, and/or support me. You all mean the world to me, and I hope we can stay in touch! 

Huge thanks to all the people who follow me here, and to everyone who's been kind enough to leave comments, write critiques, and send me encouraging messages. You all kept me modeling for longer than I would have without you, and many of your words inspired me to new heights. I really can't thank all of you enough. 

I'll still be around, but I won't be checking this site or posting nearly as often. If you send me a message here, and I don't respond, please try to get in touch with me on Model Mayhem:, Tumblr: or Facebook:… . I still welcome messages, and will answer questions/return comments as I have time.

Thanks again everyone, and best of luck with your artistic endeavors!   :-)

~Melissa Ann


Please feel free to add me! 

Thanks for all the support, and I hope to connect with you all on FB.   :-)

Please do not download and alter any of my gallery images in any way, for any reason.  I'm not sure why some of you think it's okay to do so without permission, but it's happening extremely frequently.  I added a disclaimer to my profile that addresses this issue, but that doesn't seem to be making a difference.  If I see that anyone has altered and reposted an image, or simply downloaded an image/reposted and removed credits, I will ask once for them to take it down, and then I will report them to the copyright holder/photographer & DA site admins, which will result in removal of the image.  If I see that images have been used elsewhere, outside of DA, without asking, I will report this to the photographer who the image belongs to, and they will take action.  Re-blogging images on Tumblr etc is okay (without asking) as long as the image has not been altered in any way, and all of the artist credits are included in the caption (or a link back to the original image where all credits are posted). Using images for drawing/painting reference is also okay. 

I do not hold the copyright to any of my images, the photographers do.  Anyone wishing to alter their work legally needs their permission to do so, not mine. For those of you who are thinking of asking any of the photographers I've worked with if you can use their work, I'll save you the trouble and tell you that every single one of them will answer NO.  And I don't blame them.  Photographers/artists put a lot of time and effort into making images look exactly the way they want, and each piece is an original work of art. Please be respectful, and do not alter/steal the work of others.  Make your own original art, or use stock photography that was created for the purpose of letting others alter/use it.  

It's illegal to steal the work of others, or alter it and call it your own.  It's a serious issue, and DA has an especially bad reputation for image theft.  Some talented artists refuse to join this site because of this very problem.  Let's all work together and change that! We're supposed to be a community of artists, and art enthusiasts that support each other, not a community of thieves that show disrespect for fellow community members by stealing and altering work without asking.  

For those of you who are still unconvinced that it's wrong/illegal to alter the work of others without permission, please read the DA policy as it pertains to copyright law here:…

I hate having to post stuff like this, but the image theft has gotten out of control.  Thank you all for your attention to this, and thanks to those of you who always credit, and never steal.  I appreciate you guys!

I just wanted to say a special thanks to all of the artists that draw/paint pictures inspired by images from my gallery (this includes artists who do digital paintings).  You guys seriously have no idea how much it means to me, and I will be keeping each and every one of your pieces forever.  It's such a huge honor that any of you would consider me or my images for inspiration.

You are all so talented, and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude.

Thank you again for leaving me amazed, inspired & humbled.  

Much love,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally have a Tumblr account.  There's not much on it yet, but anyone interested in following can find me here:

I'll be posting lots of new stuff over the next several weeks/months, and I'm very excited to connect with fellow Tumblrs!  

For those of you with Tumblr accounts, please respond to this entry by posting your own Tumblr link so I can check out your work/follow you.  :)

This is a Call To Photographers:

I will soon be traveling to Milan, Italy for a vacation, and I'm looking to connect/trade with one or two exceptional photographers during my visit.  I'll be staying at a nice hotel that will make an amazing shoot location.  

If you're a talented photographer who lives within 50 miles of Milan (or know one who does), and specialize in art nudes, soft glamour, interesting portraits, or polaroids, please leave a comment here, or send me a pm if you're interested in collaborating.

I'm so excited for this trip!  Any recommendations or advice is welcome. 

***Note: I don't have a work visa, so I will not be accepting any paid offers.  Trade only. 

A mix of conflicting emotions come over me whenever I think about my journey into the strange world of modeling.  On one hand, there's the adventure, the travel opportunities, the spectacular images, the admiration, the joy of success, and the chance to meet so many amazing artists...then there's the disappointments, the failures, the repetition, the detachment that sometimes occurs, the constant time away from home, the jerks/creeps, the sleep deprivation, the stress, and the nagging feelings of doubt always present in the back of my mind...the dark moments where I occasionally question my own sanity.

It gets harder and harder to top what I've already done, and to live up to my own expectations.  I tell myself I should be proud of what I've already accomplished, which is more than I could have ever hoped, especially considering my age and stats.  I *am* proud of how far I've come, but somehow it's never quite enough.  As long as I'm modeling, I can't help but try to surpass the work I've already done, and as it gets harder, the pressure seems suffocating at times.  I can't just enjoy it--I agonize over everything, I tear apart every image, I lie awake at night thinking of what I can do next, and I worry that I might be a disappointment to the next photographer I shoot with.  My life is completely unbalanced, and modeling has become an obsession....I really hate that I love it so much.

The truth is that I'm rather addicted to the adventure, and the uncertainty of it all--the emotional rollercoaster that is modeling.  The idea that I could end up climbing the staircase of an abandoned building, shivering in the freezing cold water of a beautiful lake, or dangling off the edge of a rocky cliff, and all for the sake of art.  The fact that I can be completely overwhelmed with happiness on one day, and then crying by myself in a hotel room far away from home on the next....I never know what the outcome of a shoot will be; but the unknown is what excites me, and causes me to simultaneously fear and crave the next experience.  

What if I've already peaked?  What if my best work is behind me?  How much longer can I possibly keep doing this? My modeling days are indeed numbered, and soon it may be time to return to a more normal life.....but not now....not quite yet.
Sorry I've been absent so much the last several months.  I'm currently working to catch up on returning comments, critiques, etc, so I want to say a huge thanks to everyone for being so patient.

At the end of August 2012, I broke out in shingles (on my face of all places!) during a modeling trip to LA.  I had to cancel all of my scheduled shoots and book an emergency flight home. The recovery was very slow, and I was unable to do any modeling while my face was healing.  I was discouraged at how slowly it was healing, and rather depressed that I had to give up modeling for what felt like forever.  I tried to stay off of DA and Model Mayhem to focus on other things since I couldn't model anyway.

At the beginning of December, my face was finally healed to a point where I could model again, so I took a trip to Maryland to shoot with some of my favorite photographers.  I felt rusty and out of shape, but the trip was an overall success, and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting back on track.  I have several shoots planned for the next month, so I should hopefully be posting more images soon!

Thank you all for the kind words, and support.  It means so much to me!  :-)
She walks into the frame like she owns the place
and proceeds to take possession of her audience
she is no child, but youth still clings to her
it does not want to let go, it embraces her like a lover
she is a woman, and she is

comfortable in her skin
confident in her gaze
secure in her knowledge

and she awakens things in you
doesn't she

Poem by: Rich Diltz (bodypainter & poet)

Nobody has ever written me a poem before, I am so touched.
Thanks Rich!  :)
I just returned from a very successful modeling trip to Baltimore/Washington DC- what an unforgettable experience.

8 shoots in 10 days, all of which were unique and amazing in their own way.  I had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented photographers who really challenged me to push myself to a new level.  Two of the people I had the pleasure of working with are also fellow deviants, Mickle Design Werks and Magicc Imagery; thanks to both of them for amazing shoots and equally amazing images.  I have posted a sampling of images I've gotten back from the trip so far, but there should be many more to follow- I'll be posting them as I receive them over the next several months.

Although these two photographers are not on DA, I'd like to say a huge thanks to Donna Lasky ( and Keith Small ( who hosted me while I was in Maryland, treated me like family, and changed my entire way of thinking in regards to collaborating and creating art.  Words can not express my gratitude to both of them, I am truly lucky to have met such talented and caring individuals.  Please take the time and look at some of Keith & Donna's other work, you will not be disappointed.  

I'd also like to update everyone on my TRAVEL SCHEDULE:
Vancouver BC: July 26-30 (BOOKED)
Los Angeles: Aug 27-Sept 3 (BOOKED)  
Toronto: October 18-27 (OPEN!)
November & December: Convince me to come to you!

Thank you again to all of my watchers and fellow friends here on DA who continue to support me, I am extremely grateful to all of you.  :)

Sorry I've been absent from DA this last month and haven't gotten around to thanking everyone for all the kind comments.  Work has been unusually busy for this time of year, a photographer friend of mine recently passed away, my car was stolen two weeks ago, and I just had major surgery 6 days ago.  Hopefully things will settle down and return to normal sometime soon.

I have some new pictures to post from a shoot I did several weeks ago with Shane Gardner, let me know what you all think as soon as I get them up.


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My husband was nice enough to buy me a bunch of photography/studio equipment for Christmas.  Here's the list:

1.)   Adobe Photoshop CS5
2.)   Two FAN 160 Strobe/Flash
3.)   24 Inch Fan Softbox
4.)   Barndoor/Small Gel Filter Set with Honeycomb (red,  
        blue, yellow, diffusion filter)
5.)   16 Channel Radio Trigger
6.)   33 inch White Umbrella
7.)   32 Inch Reflector Panel- Gold/Silver
8.)   Two 6 Foot Light Stands
9.)   6 X 9 Foot Black Muslin Backdrop
10.) 6 X 9 Foot White Muslin Backdrop
11.) Two Backdrop/Photo Clamps
12.) 25 Foot extension cord
13.) 5 Way Power Adapter
14.) Giant Travel Bag to carry all of above mentioned equipment.

The trouble is, I have no idea how to use any of this stuff.  The only thing I actually asked for was a macro lens for my Canon Rebel T1i, which was not among the things I received.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have gotten all of the above items, I'm just a bit intimidated at the moment.  I got all the equipment set up last weekend, and hope to start experimenting with self-portraits, pictures of my dogs, etc this weekend.  Wish me luck!


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"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change."  -Wayne Dyer
I just returned from a week long modeling trip in Portland, and what a positive experience it was!  I've never met so many kind and talented artists in such a short period of time.

I'd like to thank Eric Wimberly for the amazing shoot.
I had been admiring Eric's photography & wanting to work with him for several months.  He has a way of capturing his models in such natural looking moments, I was eager to know exactly how he did it.  I figured there just had to be something specific he did or said to the models in order to consistently get such great results.  Now that I've worked with him, I still can't tell you how he does it.  He has a natural gift for photography, and a presence about him that just instantly puts you at ease.  Whatever "IT" is, he's got it.  I feel blessed to have finally gotten the opportunity to work with him, and the results of our shoot are nothing short of amazing.  I would love to work with Eric again...I'll keep my fingers crossed.  :)

I'd also like to thank Felix Martin for a fantastic 2nd shoot.
Felix was one of the first photographers I worked with when I started modeling just 5 short months ago.  He's such a pro, it was quite intimidating to work with somebody at his level right out of the gate.  I was so nervous, I felt I had failed at the end of our first shoot.  Amazingly, he was able to get what are still some of my favorite pictures out of that shoot.  It was a privilege to work with him a second time, and I hope to have at least one more shoot with him in the near future.  He is truly a master of lighting, has a great eye for detail, and is able to meticulously edit his photos in a variety of different styles.  I love every picture I get back from him and can't wait to see more.  

Portland was a huge success, and I hope to visit again soon!

I'm so grateful to everyone here for all the kind comments and support. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and Happy Holidays to all of you!